The purpose of the Firm Foundation Preschool is to provide quality and loving care to children in a safe, secure environment.  The Firm Foundation Preschool is an extension of the East Cobb church of Christ.  The curriculum of the preschool is designed to meet the developmental needs of children.  The Firm Foundation Preschool has the following goals:

1.  To promote the optimal physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth of each            child.

2.  To provide an environment that is safe, warm and nurturing, as well as stimulating.

3.  To furnish children with a variety of physical activities to enhance their motor skills and overall        development.

4.  To develop in each child a feeling of confidence and self-esteem.

5.  To promote initiative and independence.

6.  To help children learn respect for themselves and others.

7.  To stimulate a love of learning and a joy in the excitement of new experiences.

8.  To foster a child's awareness of others and to help them learn how to become part of a group, to        share, and to take turns.

9.  To help children develop a sense of responsibility for their own actions and for the well-being of      others.

10. To encourage a child's natural curiosity and interest in exploring their world.

11. To give children opportunities for imaginative play and creative expression.

12. To develop a child's growing language and their ability to communicate clearly and effectively         both with classmates and adults.

13. To expose children to a wide variety of children's literature by reading aloud and thereby

      develop an ongoing interest in books and reading.

14. To give children a variety of experiences that will encourage the development of mathematical         and scientific concepts.